Holland company involved in two U-M spinoffs

The Slikkers family has been making waves in the boating world for more than half a century—first with superbly crafted wooden boats, and more recently with innovative composite materials made at its Holland, Michigan-based company. The Slikkers family started S2 Yachts to produce sailboats, and in 2007, the S2 management team made a strategic decision to diversify beyond marine products.

And thus was born Energetx Composites. “We’re still a boat manufacturer and intend to remain so for a long time to come,” says S2 Product Design Manager Richard Eggerding. “But we’re also a composites company, and our design, engineering and assembly capabilities are especially applicable to the renewable energy industry.”

S2 Yachts has a longstanding relationship with the University of Michigan, both as a recruiter of naval architects and mechanical engineers, and as a corporate partner.

It’s a relationship that continues to evolve. And, Energetx is following suit. Currently, Energetx is engaged in projects with two U-M spinoffs: FlexSys, Inc. which produces adaptive wing segments and wind turbine blades, and Michigan Aerospace Corporation, a developer of high-performance systems for atmospheric measurement.

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