Message from University Leadership

Mary Sue Coleman sitting at the head of a table with the members of the Board of Regents.

President Mary Sue Coleman responds with surprise after the Board of Regents announces it will present her with an honorary degree.

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Nine months ago, I sent you a message during a difficult time for our University of Michigan community. I had just accepted the Board of Regents’ request to serve as president for a short period while the search for a new president commenced.

What I knew then – and what has been reinforced time and again since January – is that when U-M faces a challenge, we seek solutions. We focus on tomorrow. Our mission as a public research university endures.

I’m proud of the work that so many people have put into making U-M even stronger during this time of transition. Here are just a few examples:

  • The university’s total research volume increased by 8.4% over the past fiscal year to a record $1.71 billion in expenditures, contributing $97 million to Michigan’s economy.
  • U-M improved its processes and structures for addressing sexual misconduct by adopting recommendations from a nationally recognized consulting firm focused on addressing sexual and gender-based misconduct.
  • The Ann Arbor campus once again received a record number of first-year applications for this academic year, signaling our continued value to the students and families of Michigan and beyond.

I will step down next month as President-elect Santa Ono, the president and vice chancellor of the University of British Columbia, will become U-M’s 15th president on Oct. 14. I feel good knowing that Dr. Ono will soon join a university community that has maintained its positive momentum, committed itself to building a culture that fosters trust and, above all, remained focused on having a positive impact on society.

It’s part of what makes the University of Michigan such a special place.

Thank you for your continued support over these past nine months, and Forever Go Blue.

Mary Sue Coleman



$52M to help Michigan manufacturers go electric
The U-M Economic Growth Institute is part of a team awarded federal funding to develop a center to support small- and medium-sized manufacturers transition to the electric vehicle market.

$5M will enable remote autonomous vehicle testing
Mcity will invest funding from the National Science Foundation to further advance the autonomous virtual vehicle test track, helping to create a more equitable playing field in mobility.

U-M reports $1.71B in annual research volume
Fiscal year 2022 research expenditures fueled innovations to address critical societal challenges ranging from global health disparities to Great Lakes water quality to driverless vehicle technologies.

Alumna Corie Pauling named president of Alumni Association
An industry thought leader and College of Engineering alumna, Pauling has been named the 11th president and CEO of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.

Local government officials report increased harassment
More than half of local officials in Michigan have experienced some form of harassment, threats or other abuse from the public, according to the statewide Michigan Public Policy Survey.

Calculate neighborhood ‘cognability’ for healthy aging
A new interactive map developed by U-M researchers suggests that an older adult’s access to civic and social organizations may help protect against cognitive decline as a person ages.

Children’s mental health and screen time impacts
Parents say it can be challenging to differentiate potential mental health issues from everyday behaviors of an adolescent, according to a C.S. Mott National Poll.


Victors for veterans
Over the past decade, students and faculty from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry have provided free dental care valued at about $1.7 million to more than 480 veterans throughout the state of Michigan. The Victors for Veterans clinics provide comprehensive care to disabled, homeless or uninsured veterans who have incomes at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines.

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U-M Chief Health Officer Robert Ernst, MD, discusses the importance of ensuring a safe and healthy campus, community and state this fall.

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National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated each year from September 15 to October 15. Learn about the observance, view celebrations taking place on campus and hear U-M School of Social Work assistant professor Fernanda Cross discuss her research examining factors that promote healthy development for Latinx adolescents and families.



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