Better stroke care, everywhere: NIH-funded study boosts local hospitals’ clotbuster use

From the moment a stroke occurs, patients must race against the clock to get treatment that can prevent lasting damage. Now, a new study shows the promise – and the challenges – of getting them state-of-the-art treatment safely and quickly at their local hospital.

The results come from an effort that tested methods to improve delivery of a time-sensitive, clot-busting drug in stroke patients at 24 community hospitals across Michigan. To date, clot-busting treatment has been mostly used at larger hospitals.

Participating hospitals in West Michigan were: Battle Creek Health System, Borgess Medical Center, Community Health Center of Branch County, Holland Hospital, Lakeland Community Hospital, Lakeland Regional Medical Center, Mercy Health Partners, Hackley Campus, Saint Mary’s Health Care, and Sparrow Hospital and Health System.

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