Michigan Road Scholars tour the state, including stops in Midland, Lansing

Earlier this year, thirty U-M faculty members boarded the Michigan Road Scholars coach and began the 15th annual MRS tour. They hit the road to identify ways their expertise can make a difference to Michigan communities. They also sought a deeper understanding and appreciation for the broadly diverse communities and regions their students call home.

The scholars’ first stop on their five-day journey was the State Capitol, where they met with select legislators and other officials. Lansing Mayor David Hollister later provided a briefing about the political challenges of bringing a new General Motors plant to the city.

Following a swing west, north and far-north, the scholars returned to mid-Michigan three days later to discussed Midland’s Meridian New Tech School’s early college program with business and education leaders at the school. The evening provided an opportunity for a spirited exchange of ideas with Bay County Executive Thomas Hickner and Dr. Timothy Nash of the Northwood Institute.

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