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Western Michigan
2019 Fall Issue
Michigan Impact - Western Michigan - #UMichImpact - 2019 Fall Issue Photo of President Schlissel
Dear Friends,

As a great public research university, the University of Michigan embraces our responsibility to focus our academic strength on the challenges and opportunities that face the public we serve. For an institution with more than 200 years of driving growth and opportunity in our state, there is no place we’ve been doing this longer than in our birthplace of Detroit.

Today, we are proud to announce that U-M will add to and enhance our legacy of service by accepting Mayor Mike Duggan’s invitation to partner on the Detroit Center for Innovation to be built in downtown Detroit. The center will make our work in Detroit even more comprehensive, aligned to our mission, and responsive to local needs.
National Esuary Research

Western Michigan

Lake fashion: Turning plastics from Pere Marquette Beach into clothing

Fresh water: $20M to conduct national estuary research

Invasive species: Asian carp surviving in Lake Michigan
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This is Michigan - Stories of Our State
Every day, the University of Michigan is transforming lives. It’s not just on our campuses. Explore the latest stories:

College ready: Wolverine Pathways paved way to higher ed for kids unsure how to get there

Recycling pioneer: U-M alumna puts Emmet County on national map as model for cutting waste

Tackling anxiety, depression in teens: U-M takes mental health care to schools around the state
A new kind of play in Lansing


Sensory theater:
A new kind of play in Lansing

Barn art:
Fueling cultural tourism in Huron County

Pop-up shop:
UM-Flint students create t-shirt business on MLK Ave
Discovering potential medicines at the Biological Station

Northern Michigan

New cures:
Discovering potential medicines at the Biological Station

Students from U.P. focus of LSA scholarship

Perfecting smiles:
New orthodontist sets up shop in Traverse City
U-M Tech Transfer sets record in FY19

Southeast Michigan

Advancing entrepreneurship:
U-M Tech Transfer sets record in FY19

Tracking footsteps:
Reimagining new uses for land in Detroit

Virtual reality:
Technology geared for students with disabilities
Michigan physicians improve care for Michiganders, save $43.1 million


Cutting costs:
Michigan physicians improve care for Michiganders, save $43.1 million

School safety:
Collaborating on gun violence prevention, training

Transforming education:
Meeting Michigan’s growing teacher shortage
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