UM-Flint social work programs impact north Flint residents

The UM-Flint Social Work Department has deepened its engagement in client-focused field work in Flint, particularly on the north end of the city.

This year the department strengthened its connection with Flint’s north-end wards and Civic Park community by formalizing ties with Joy Tabernacle and the associated Urban Renaissance Center as a new field instruction site. UM-Flint senior social work interns have begun to apply their coursework knowledge in a real-world setting, hoping to make a long-lasting impact on residents there.

A recent $40,000 grant awarded by the C.S. Mott Foundation to the Urban Renaissance Center (URC) has given students another opportunity to help Civic Park by working on programming associated with the grant in addition to other URC initiatives. The grant will pay for renovations of two houses and for career training for a group of men in the community to help them learn skills in the construction trade.

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