UM-Flint offers educational program to U.P. students

UM-Flint draws education leaders from across the state for its Education Specialist program. This fall, technology has allowed UM-Flint to expand its educational opportunities to students in Sault Ste. Marie.

Nine students working from the Upper Peninsula participate with 50 fellow classmates at UM-Flint once a month via interactive television. The entire group, which comprises superintendents, principals, teachers, and other education professionals, also communicates online with Blackboard

Clay Perkins, educational specialist program coordinator at UM-Flint, said the Sault Ste. Marie group is the first time the program has connected with students elsewhere with interactive television. Two years ago, it started working with cohorts in Utica. In that case, faculty drove to Utica to teach the classes.

This is a trial project but it could potentially lead to similar ventures in other parts of the state, Perkins said.

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