U-M student film “Thru Traffic” at Traverse City Film Festival

U-M has a number of connections with the Traverse City Film Festival. Founded by UM-Flint alum Michael Moore, the Film Festival has become an internationally known gathering of industry professionals and amateur enthusiasts.

In addition to its famous founder, the Film Festival hosts two student-made films each year. U-M student videographer for the Alumni Association, Ben Foote, was the supervising editor of the film “Thru Traffic,” a drama-comedy centering around Brendan, a dreamer who is forced into a “roadtrip from hell” to repay his gambling debt.

“This is an opportunity that a lot of schools can’t offer,” says Foote. “People from the industry will be seeing my work. Work that I’m proud of. I’m kind of nervous because we made a dramedy, so what if people don’t laugh? Then again, what if they do?”

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