U-M water donations to Flint

Student-athletes and staff from UM-Dearborn donate water to Flint
In January, student-athletes and Athletics and Recreation staff members teamed up to donate water for the people of Flint.  The UM-Dearborn College of Education, Health and Human Services, in partnership with the UM-Dearborn Student Government, supported the Friends of Flint Bottled Water Drive.

Over 30 cases of water were collected by student-athletes and department staff. The water was delivered to Flint in early February.

Learn more: http://athletics.umdearborn.edu/article/624.php

LEO distributes water in Flint
In December, the Lecturers’ Employee Organization distributed 576 cases of bottled water at the Harding-Mott University Center on the UM-Flint Campus. The water went to individual Flint residents affected by lead poisonings and community groups and institutions such as Hurley Hospital, Flint Neighborhoods United and the Community Outreach for Family and Youth partnership.
Learn more: http://www.leounion.org/index.php/news/418-leo-distributes-water-in-flint

U-M Prevention Resource Center donates water 
In just four days, the Prevention Resource Center at U-M collected 11,000 bottles and 250 jugs (over 1700 gallons) of water. The team delivered its donation to the main distribution warehouse in Flint on Wednesday Jan. 27.
Learn more: http://prc.sph.umich.edu/2016/01/thank-you-for-your-donations-flint-water-drive/

Trotter water drive
The U-M Trotter Multicultural Center launched a week-long water drive to help provide relief to the Flint community. In January, the Center collected water bottles, jugs, filters and monetary donations to use used to provide temporary relief to the people in Flint.
Learn more: https://trotter.umich.edu/article/trotter-water-drive

U-M Dental School collects water for Flint
Staff, students and faculty at the U-M School of Dentistry have teamed up with another unit on the U-M campus to help the people of Flint, Michigan, deal with their water contamination crisis.

In January, five organizations at the school collected bottled water which were delivered to the William Monroe Trotter Multicultural Center.  The center then delivered the water to community groups in Flint.  The organizations at the School of Dentistry who have been proactive in the effort are the Multicultural Affairs Committee, the Staff Forum, Contracts and Grants, the Hispanic Student Dental Association and the Student National Dental Association.

More than 1,000 gallons were collected.  “I’m excited that so many at the school came together to help the people of Flint.  What a great expression of caring,” says Cheryl Quiney, co-chair of the school’s Multicultural Affairs Committee.
Learn more: http://dent.umich.edu/news/2016/02/01/dental-school-collects-water-flint#sthash.ynXY3lyU.1yEHfKH0.dpuf

Students team up with Red Cross to distribute water, filters and information in Flint
On February 6, nineteen students from the U-M Ford School of Public Policy volunteered with the Flint Red Cross to help with water delivery and outreach efforts in the wake of Flint’s water crisis. Students went door-to-door delivering water filters and cases of water and sharing educational materials with residents about the types of help available from local agencies.

The students joined a robust and well-coordinated community response implemented by non-profit and government agencies. As of January 27, Red Cross volunteers alone had distributed more than 29,500 cases of water and 19,000 filters in the city.
Learn more: http://fordschool.umich.edu/news/2016/ford-students-team-red-cross-distribute-water-flint#sthash.TNuLwW5N.dpuf

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