Planning grant to help residents in Ludington, Grand Haven and St. Joseph identify ways to reduce the impacts of fluctuating water levels

U-M’s Graham Sustainability Institute has awarded seven grants, totaling $70,000, to U.S. and Canadian researchers who will help residents of shoreline communities adapt to current and future variability in Great Lakes water levels.

Researchers will use the $10,000, six-month planning grant to study policy options and management actions available to residents, businesses and government officials in shoreline communities impacted by Great Lakes water-level fluctuations.

U-M and Michigan Technological University researchers have been working with the Lake Michigan communities of Ludington, Grand Haven and St. Joseph to develop land-use regulation and infrastructure policy to implement shoreland
management plans. They hope to expand their work to other Lake Michigan communities in the state and to Lake St. Clair in Macomb County.

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