Entrepreneurship pioneer seeks solutions for Flint and other troubled cities

U-M alum David Tarver was born and raised in Flint. He received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from U-M Ann Arbor.

After leaving Michigan, Tarver found himself back in the state inspired to start a movement around urban entrepreneurship. Returning to his hometown he saw the economic decline and urban issues Flint faced. This was before the Flint water crisis. Tarver began percolating ideas for inspiring more entrepreneurs to solve problems in urban areas, to spark a movement around Urban Entrepreneurship.

He founded the Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative to spread awareness and generate more conversations for solving urban problems.

“We ask our entrepreneurs in class, why did this water crisis happen? How did this happen?” said Tarver. “The fundamental issue in Flint’s crisis was the lack of knowledge and awareness of the contamination of the water. How could we solve that problem?”

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