Caring for patients across the state

Each year, the U-M Health System takes care of patients from every county in the state who come for nearly 2.1 million visits to our clinics or stays in one of our hospitals.

You only have to look up to see one of the most visible signs of U-M’s statewide service: the three Survival Flight helicopters that transport critically ill patients and organs for transplant operations throughout the state. This summer, three new state-of-the-art helicopters went into service, giving Survival Flight an even wider range and the ability to reach patients faster while promising more options for their care in the air. The highly trained flight nurses and pilots make hundreds of flights a year and can reach virtually every corner of the state, and parts of neighboring states and Ontario, on a single tank of fuel.

U-M also delivers more than $330 million in unpaid services to our community through uncompensated care for uninsured or underinsured patients, outreach programs and services, and professional and patient education.

The University is training hundreds of tomorrow’s doctors and scientists each year; about 40 percent of the doctors we train stay in state.

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